Focus and Scope

The mission of the journal is to create a professional space for discussing complex issues of international and socio-economic policy, economics, management, law and promoting the results of Russian scientific research studies in the global scientific information space.

Krasnoyarsk Science publishes the most significant scientific papers on innovative issues, research, development, innovative programmes and projects to foster economic growth of the Russian regions, results of empirical research and experiments in both Russian and international socio-economic policies. Special emphasis is made on various aspects of international cooperation in the field of economic theory, economics, management and law.

The editorial board include representatives of various research centres both in Russia and abroad. We encourage eminent scientists in various fields to contribute their articles to the journal.

The journal is meant for analysts, researchers, state and regional government employees, teachers and postgraduate students.

The problems under consideration are diverse and complex, though, a specialised scientific journal has not been published in Russia yet. The present journal is to fill in this gap. The thematic focus of this journal makes it a unique Russian language publication in this field.