Focus and Scope

Наука Красноярья (Krasnoyarsk Science) = Siberian Journal of Economics and Management is a social and scientific-and-practical peer reviewed journal designed to promote both fundamental and applied regional achievements in the field of economics, management, foreign economic activity and international cooperation on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, and also reforming of inter-budgetary relations and improvement of public and municipal finance, modernization of the national banking system, development of the financial market, tax legislation, accounting and audit, financial management, as well as modern aspects of Economics and others.

In order to organize a quality scientific review of the submitted articles, the priority interests of the journal include manuscripts on economic sciences. For the purposes of publication, the editorial board of the journal selects reviews, analytical articles and original research papers as well as brief reports and professional reviews on most significant achievements in the field of economics.

A wide range of problems appearing on the pages of the journal is determined by its social and scientific-and-practical orientations.

The journal has an international and interdisciplinary nature.


The mission of the journal is to unite scientists’ research efforts aimed at studying topical issues of social sciences; to create a professional space for discussing complex issues of international and socio-economic policy, economics, management and promoting the results of Russian scientific research studies in the global scientific information space, as well as contribute to discussion and popularization of this field of knowledge by providing open access to published articles. 

Siberian Journal of Economics and Management publishes the most significant scientific papers on innovative issues, research, development, innovative programmes and projects to foster economic growth of the Russian regions, results of empirical research and experiments in both Russian and international socio-economic policies. Special emphasis is made on various aspects of international cooperation in the field of economic theory, economics and management.

Unlike other periodical scientific periodicals published by academic institutions and organizations, the journal focuses primarily on regional topical issues, considered in a wide range from pilot innovative research activities to large-scale implementation of scientific research results into practice.


  • to form new views based on modern scientific approaches and academic polemic;
  • to publish, present and disseminate scientific works by Russian and foreign authors, latest information and best practices in studying topical issues of social and economic science;
  • to provide opportunities for professional communication to a wide range of researchers and specialists in various fields of economics;
  • to support conceptual and empirical discussions on fundamental and applied issues of academic research in the field of economics;
  • to promote theoretical and practical research in various fields of knowledge;
  • to provide an opportunity to learn about relevant scientific research activities to all interested readers from all over the globe;
  • to inform the professional community of new relevant publications and research projects;
  • to establish and enhance scientific relations between Russian and foreign scientists;
  • to encourage young researchers to become a part of the professional community.

Relevance, interest to the public, novelty of the proposed ideas and scientific certainty of the materials presented are the criteria that the submitted manuscripts have to meet to be published. The mission of the editorial board is to provide opportunities for a well-posed and well-founded discussion of the most topical issues that would include presentation of different types of discourse as well as different research approaches. The decision to accept the article for publication is made by the editorial board taking into consideration the opinions of leading scientists, being reviewers and experts, who assess the article according to the above-mentioned criteria.


The authors of the journal are major scholars, analysts, researchers, state and regional government employees, internationally recognized leading scientists. The journal also provides an opportunity for postgraduate students and young scientists to have their papers published. Such articles are also published provided they conform to the above-mentioned criteria and editorial policies. The journal allows the authors to have the results of their scientific research published, and thereby it contributes to the formation of research teams united around the study of specific issues.

Open Access Policy

The importance of the problems modern society is facing has been consistently discussed not only in the academic discourse. Therefore, in addition to the academic audience, the journal is also aimed at non-academic readers interested in discussing the fundamental problems of modern society and social sciences. As the journal is working for becoming a platform for full-scale discussion of these problems, it follows the policy of open access to its publications. Since 2016, all contents of the journal are available free of charge to its users on the journal's official website upon publishing the issue. The users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search and find full texts of the published articles without the prior permission of the publisher or the publication’s author.

Publication Format

Both the full-scale discussion of problems and open access policy suggest that the journal is ready to publish not only original scientific articles in Russian and English on the results of fundamental and applied-theoretic research in the field of Economics and related sciences, but also review papers made by leading specialists in the fields of knowledge related to the profile of the journal as well as professional reviews of new books and scientific research, materials of scientific events, discussions and round tables devoted to the issues covered by the journal.

The problems under consideration are diverse and complex, though, a specialised scientific journal has not been published in Russia yet. The present journal is to fill in this gap. The thematic focus of this journal makes it a unique Russian language publication in this field.